About us

The overarching aim of the Travel Industry Academy (TIA) is to contribute to the professionalization of the global travel and tourism industry through its services and activities.

TIA operates globally by establishing partnerships with travel industry companies, travel industry associations, tourism destinations, governments and educational establishments to promote the professionalization of the travel industry and to encourage the development of sustainable travel & tourism practices.strichi2

Professionalising the travel & tourism industry

TIA is able to support educational organisations throughout the world that want to develop a tourism curriculum to an international standard. TIA is also able to formally recognise and endorse educational qualifications and professional development programmes that have been designed for the travel and tourism industry through its Centre of Excellence scheme.

The TIA Centre of Excellence scheme has been designed to celebrate excellence in the design and delivery of travel industry education and professional development courses. Universities, colleges and travel organisations that attain “Centre of Excellence” status can use the TIA logo to demonstrate that their courses have been benchmarked against the best in the world

TIA through the International Centre for Sustainable Travel & Tourism (ICSTT) also helps students and travellers interested in understanding more about tourism and tourist destinations by promoting study tour programmes to:

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These study tour programmes are organised by the ICSST and TIA Centres of Excellence and have been specially designed to combine an interesting study programme with travel to tourist destinations that are case studies in different aspects of sustainable tourism development.

By joining one of the study tours you will be travelling to regions of the world that have a special tourism interest, for example community based tourism, cultural heritage tourism, or an area of outstanding natural beauty that manages tourism sustainably. Students, lecturers and people interested in learning more about tourism and tourist destinations will find these study tour programmes of interest and benefit.



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