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understanding more about tourism and destinations with our study tours

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TIA through the ICSTT also helps students and private travellers interested in understanding more about tourism and tourist destinations by organising field study tour programmes to:

  • Africa – The Gambia
  • China – Beijing & Yunnan Province
  • India -Kerala
  • Indonesia – Java, Bali, Lombok & Komodo
  • Thailand – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, the Hill tribes and the Golden Triangle
  • The UK – London, Leeds, the Lake District and Edinburgh
  • Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and the hills of the North West

100_1157These study tour programmes are organised by the ICSTT and TIA Centres of Excellence and have been specially designed to combine an interesting study programme with travel to tourist destinations that are case studies in different aspects of tourism development.By joining one of the study tours you will be travelling to regions of the world that have a special tourism interest, for example community based tourism, cultural heritage tourism, or an area of outstanding natural beauty that manages tourism sustainably. Students, lecturers and people interested in learning more about tourism and tourist destinations will find these study tour programmes of interest and benefit.

100_0898Each study tour has been designed by specialist educational establishments that really know about the tourist destination that is being visited because they are all based in that destination. This gives the educational establishment a unique understanding of the culture, heritage and special tourism characteristics of that destination from both an academic and tourist perspective. You will be able to really appreciate and experience tourism in a way that other tourists to that destination rarely do.

On a study tour you will be travelling with like-minded people, so whether you come alone or in a group you will make new friends and have a very special travel experience. For students you will be able to relate and apply your travel experience to your studies. Lecturers will be able to develop case study material that will enhance their teaching and learning resources. Members of the public who have an interest in a different type of travel experience will enrich their knowledge and understanding of tourism.

Two types of study tour are organised:

Academic study tours – for students and lecturers who are interested in delving deeper into the tourist destination to assist them with their course of study; these tours will use accommodation of a more `local` nature in order to enhance the value-for-money nature of the travel experience

Cultural study tours – for members of the public who are interested in learning more about the tourist destination than on a conventional holiday but who want to stay in international standard accommodation

What the study tour includes:

• the full itinerary as specified in the tour programme, to include transport and accommodation in the destination and meals as specified

• the services of an academic tour guide for the duration of the in-country tour programme and detailed information on the special tourism characteristics of the destination

• comprehensive travel insurance


For further information about the study tours contact:



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